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Hardwire To Donate 1,600 Shields to Area Schools

Hardwire To Donate 1,600 Shields to Area Schools

Hardwire To Donate 1,600 Shields to Area Schools -By Bethany Hooper, MD Coast Dispatch This story was written and originally posted on the MD Coast Dispatch> SALISBURY – A Pocomoke-based...


STOP THE BULLET: ADVANCING THE STATE OF THE ART IN SPACED AIRCRAFT ARMOR By George Tunis, Emily Tunis, and Ben Kremer This article was originally posted in the JASP Aircraft...
New school resources to be implemented in the wake of mass shootings by Deja Parker, 47ABC

New school resources to be implemented in the wake of mass shootings by Deja Parker, 47ABC

New school resources to be implemented in the wake of mass shootings Deja Parker This story was originally posted by 47ABC  Click to view the 47ABC Video Segment with Hardwire...
Active Shooter Protection Exists, Offering Protection To Complement Policy Change

Active Shooter Protection Exists, Offering Protection To Complement Policy Change

Active Shooter Protection Exists, Offering Protection To Complement Policy Change POCOMOKE CITY, Maryland – May 27, 2022   Our country is in peril over the devastating massacre of the 19...

Innovation Quotes from Hardwire's Top STEM Leaders

National Inventors Month Hardwire Celebrates May's National Inventors Month with quotes from our top designers, engineers, and thought leaders! On the topic of "inventors" the buzz word "innovation" typically finds...
protection from 7.62 X 25 mm Tokarev 85 GR and FMJ projectiles at a striking velocity of 1475 fts + 30, the Hardwire 3A+ Multi Curve Plate

3A+ Multi Curve Plate is Now On Sale

  The Hardwire 3A+ Multi Curve Plate weighs in at less than 1 pound and touts NIJ Level IIIA+ performance. Also offering protection from 7.62 X 25 mm Tokarev 85...
Javits Car Show | Hardwire Armors the First Electric Police Vehicle for the NYPD

Javits Car Show | Hardwire Armors the First Electric Police Vehicle for the NYPD

HARDWIRE ARMORS THE FIRST ELECTRIC POLICE CAR FOR NYPD Hardwire is excited to reveal our newest venture in vehicle armor! Hardwire is the first company to armor electric police cars....
Body Armor Reviews

Body Armor Reviews

Hardwire is the best. Lightest Thinnest Strongest Don't take our word for it. Here's what our customers have to say about our products.


SUSTAINABILITY PROTECTING PEOPLE AND PLANET Protecting Americans is our mission as much as protecting America. Hardwire's facilities sit right along the Pocomoke River in Maryland. We are constantly surrounded and...
NO JOKE - Flash Sale 4/1/22

NO JOKE - Flash Sale 4/1/22

NO JOKE 10%OFF standard clipboards & 3A bag inserts! Offer available April 1, 2022 only. Use coupon code NOJOKE at checkout to receive 10%OFF! SHOP FLASH SALE items:
Hardwire 10-Year Limited Warranty

Hardwire 10-Year Limited Warranty

Most Hardwire products come with a limited warranty. The majority tout a 10-year warranty; 2x longer than the rest of the industry. Take advantage of the Hardwire Limited Warranty: REGISTER your...
Hardwire's Core Values

Hardwire's Core Values

Hardwire's mission: to improve the survivability of humans. Four Core Values help us execute this mission day in and day out. INTEGRITY In accordance with the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, INTEGRITY is...
The Difference between Protection Levels | NIJ Level 2, 3A, 3, & 3+

The Difference between Protection Levels | NIJ Level 2, 3A, 3, & 3+

  When it comes to bulletproof armor, the first step is to define what ‘bulletproof’ actually means. The term bulletproof is a blanket term that means an objects is impenetrable...
TX Deputy Killed at Traffic Stop

TX Deputy Killed at Traffic Stop

January 23, 2022- Houston, TX At age 47, Harris County Constable Precinct 5, Charles Galloway, was killed at a routine traffic stop with an "assault-type weapon" investigators said.   Photo...
Two N.Y.P.D. Officers shot in Harlem

Two N.Y.P.D. Officers shot in Harlem

January 21, 2022 - Harlem, NY Two officers of the 32nd Precinct under the age of 30 were shot this weekend during a domestic dispute response call. Officer Rivera, age...
Ballistic Shield Saves Police Lives

Ballistic Shield Saves Police Lives

Staten Island, New York (January 20, 2022) Police encountered gunfire early Thursday morning as reported by the New York Post. Using a ballistic shield a detective on scene saved his...
Ambush Shooting of Officer in Vehicle in Baltimore

Ambush Shooting of Officer in Vehicle in Baltimore

Dec 16, 2021 - Overnight while sitting in her patrol vehicle, a female officer was shot in an ambush style shooting in Baltimore, Maryland. At present she is in Shock...
Travelers during Cancun Shooting

Cancun Beach Shooting: How to Travel Safely

At Hardwire LLC, we want you to be safe and secure always. The shooting on the beach in Cancun left tourists scattering and shook. Authorities and news stations have reported no...
Detroit Suburb School Shooting: Solution to Stop Bullets

Detroit Suburb School Shooting: Solution to Stop Bullets

Oxford High School Shooting School Shooting Solutions photo credit: Eric Seals/Detroit Free Press   The last day of November is typically ripe with anticipation for the Christmas festivities to come,...
Sgt Hardwire Brings Holiday Savings as he swings from a Police Themed Christmas Ornament

Sgt Hardwire's Holiday Extraganza -DEALS

It's Gift Card BOGO! Buy a $100 Gift Card, Get a $25 Gift Card FREE! Get the perfect last minute gift, NOW through January 1, 2022. Follow Sgt Hardwire through the holidays and find out all the amazing deals!
Early Christmas Decorating | Is Oct. 29th too early?

Early Christmas Decorating

"It's too early to decorate for Christmas!"

...was a phrase constantly echoed through our halls. While others were rather delighted...

How to Survive a Slasher Movie | Scary Good Protection

How to Survive a Slasher Movie | Scary Good Protection

Hardwire's limited edition Double-Sided Slasher Print Level 3A Hard Bag Insert is here. 80s Slasher Movies are legendary for their gore and jump scare signature. Hardwire's Level 3A Bulletproof and Stab-proof bag inserts offer the scary good protection necessary to survive the classic slasher horror movies.


Armored NYPD Mobile Command Center

Hardwire armors RV's and Mobile Command Centers. View our NYPD command vehicles we've armored here! From side panels to windows and windshields, we armor it all.
Hardwire | OCMD Sunfest Sponsor for 2021

Hardwire | OCMD Sunfest Sponsor for 2021

Hardwire's main goal for Sunfest was to supply added protection to the event and to educate Sunfesters about bulletproof consumer products that can be worked into everyday life. This year, Hardwire handed out and donated 2,000 face shields to event-goers to increase protection against Covid-19 at the 2021 OCMD Sunfest.  
Hardwire and Angel Flight Team Up To Donate 15,000+ Face Shields

Hardwire and Angel Flight Team Up To Donate 15,000+ Face Shields

We are proud to work with Angel Flight, the Salisbury Airport and Bay Land Aviation to donate valuable PPE to those that need it the most. An extra big thanks to all of the pilots! Thank you all so much!
Hardwire LLC Awarded U.S. Army MSV Contract

Hardwire Awarded U.S. Army MSV Delivery Order

Hardwire, LLC was awarded its first delivery order for the Army’s next generation Modular Scalable Vest (MSV) program.  The Army MSV program will replace heavy body armor systems with new lightweight armor and carriers.  The contract is scheduled to run for the next nine years.  The Army’s top priority for the MSV program is to "lighten the load” on its troops with a tailorable vest.  Hardwire’s patented armor was the lightest evaluated for the program and one of the first chosen for production.
Hardwire Armor Saves Deputy

Hardwire Armor Saves Deputy

Deputy Chitwood of Clay County, TX Sheriff's Office was saved by his Hardwire armor after being shot during a traffic stop. Video shows live footage of the Sheriff and his Deputy in the hospital confirming Deputy Chitwood was ok and the bruise he received.


Buy 1, get the 2nd at 50%off! We’ve got your BACK to (and from) school. In case you missed out on our epic Back to School Savings during the month of August, you...
Countering the Mass Shooter Threat: An Open Letter

Countering the Mass Shooter Threat: An Open Letter

An Open Letter About the Nationals Stadium Shooting,

Hardwire has adapted its military armor to active shooter applications to give members of the public an opportunity to protect themselves. Our Hardwire Emergency Response Shield (ERS) is a tool anyone can use. Department of Homeland Security advises “Run, Hide, Fight” for active shooter situations, the same approach used by many at Nationals Stadium. Active shooter circumstances can be overwhelming, ERS allows citizens to “Run, Hide, Fight” with ballistic protection.


How to Make a Bulletproof Backpack

It just takes 2 EASY steps to bulletproof your commute:

  1. Get a Hardwire® Backpack Insert

  2. Put it in your bag

DONE... That's it.

Back to School Safe Sale: Hardwire Style

We've got your BACK to School SALE

Take advantage of our best prices on bulletproof school supplies. All purchasers of our Back 2 School Sale will be automatically entered to win a CUSTOMIZED Level 3 Emergency Response Shield for their school of choice! Each product purchased using our discount code counts as an entry. 
NIJ Compliant vs. Certified Body Armor

NIJ Compliant vs. Certified Body Armor

When reading about body armor specs, companies use labels like NIJ Compliant and NIJ Certified when referencing armor threat level and efficacy. We would like to clear up what these terms mean, explain the difference, and show you a list of our NIJ certified armor. 
Shooting at Stadium: Protection Available

Shooting at Stadium: Protection Available

Nats Game Shooting The All-American Game, was marred over the weekend and left all participants - players, coaches, stadium staff, and spectators shook with the realization that even our national...
Soft Body Armor Panels Level 3A

Who Has The Best Soft Body Armor?

Quick & BEST Answer: Hardwire LLC is the Best Soft Body Armor The Best for THE BEST To be chosen to protect our armed forces is an honor and a...
Ready for Travel: Summer Essentials

Ready for Travel: Summer Essentials

Can I take body armor on the air plane? Is it legal to have a bulletproof insert in my carry-on? We have the answers! Learn about how to travel safe this summer!
Celebrating the Right to Bear Armor

Celebrating the Right to Bear Armor

At Hardwire®LLC, we hold dear the Right to Bear Armor. To bear armor is to protect yourself, the framers were looking out for us, and we should continue in their footsteps and remember they did not know how society would progress, but they knew enough to say we all deserve protection.
Hardwire LLC armors boat for Maryland Department of Natural Resources

Ballistic Armor for Boats: BLOWING IT OUT OF THE WATER

Maryland's Dept. Natural Resources Police Chose Hardwire to innovate an armor solution for their patrol boat. 

Hardwire LLC offers Father's Day 15% off sale with checkout code "TheDadPackage"

Top 7 Gift Ideas for Fathers Day 2021

2021 Top 7 gift ideas for Dad! Father's day is around the corner. What better way to celebrate Dad, than with portable protection solutions. Hardwire LLC is offering the The Dad Package which is 15% off all the items included in this article.
Does Body Armor Expire?

Does Body Armor Expire?

Does body armor expire? In short, yes, all body armor does expire, but not all body armor is equal. Hardwire utilizes Dyneema. Dyneema is the only man-made fiber stronger than spider silk, coming in at 15X stronger than steel. It is naturally buoyant, waterproof, moisture-wicking, breathable,  and will not delaminate due to moisture. Kevlar on the other hand will begin to disintegrate with element exposure and is only 5X stronger than steel.


Hardwire LLC creates the lightest body armor in the industry. When life comes down to the wire, our armor protects. Hardwire is the trusted supplier to the United States Marine Corps. Our bulletproof vest inserts were chosen to protect the elite soldier in the most extreme circumstances. Hardwire protection is for EVERYONE. From civilians to armed forces, we want people to live long, healthy lives. 

Flag at Half-Mast for San Jose

Hearts hang as heavy as our flag at half-mast, as our country laments lives lost in San Jose, CA. Hardwire LLC offers protection in these trying times.
Safariland® Announces New Hardwire® Armor Packages

Safariland® Announces New Hardwire® Armor Packages

A leading global provider of safety products designed for the public safety, military, professional and outdoor markets, announced today the next generation of Hardwire Ballistic Panels. Hardwire optimizes the strength of compressed Dyneema fibers to create the thinnest and lightest level II and level IIIA body armor.
First Look: Safariland Partners with Hardwire Ballistic Panels

First Look: Safariland Partners with Hardwire Ballistic Panels

Safariland is rolling out the next generation of Hardwire ballistic panels, which use the strength of compressed Dyneema fibers to create the thinnest and lightest level II and IIIA ballistic panels...
Body armor company donates $6M worth of COVID-19 face shields to NYC DOE

Body armor company donates $6M worth of COVID-19 face shields to NYC DOE

A Maryland body armor company is donating 2 million face shields to the Department of Education worth $6 million, officials said Wednesday. The firm, Hardwire LLC, said it made the...
Hardwire Donates Two Million Face Shields to New York City Schools

Hardwire Donates Two Million Face Shields to New York City Schools

Hardwire, LLC, the leading provider of life saving armor solutions to the military, law enforcement, schools and businesses, is proud to announce its donation of two million face shields to New York City’s Department of Education.

Harris Announces Award of $57M U.S. Army Contract, Including Eastern Shore Employer

WASHINGTON- U.S. Rep. Andy Harris (R-Md.) announced the award of a more than $57 million federal contract to three military contractors across the country, including Hardwire, LLC, located in Pocomoke...
Hardwire protects more than a Million with its Face Shields

Hardwire protects more than a Million with its Face Shields

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE  POCOMOKE CITY, MD (MAY 15, 2020) – Hardwire, LLC is proud to announce it has manufactured and distributed well over 1 million of its COVID-19 protective Face...
DRBA Police Department Welcomes Donation Of Face Shields

DRBA Police Department Welcomes Donation Of Face Shields

Cummings’ fundraising campaign, which can be found here, has raised more than $8,000 to purchase and distribute PPE to law enforcement professionals in Delaware. Cummings is coordinating with Hardwire LLC,...

How one company went from making military armor to face shields in coronavirus fight

"SALISBURY, Md. — The goal of Hardwire, an armor manufacturer in Pocomoke City, has always been about improving the "survivability of human beings." For 19 years that's meant supplying military-strength armor...

Masks, shields given to hospitals

"Hardwire, boutique change gears to provide protection to health care workers (April 2, 2020) Residents and companies in Worcester County are creating protective gear for  medical personnel and members of...

Gerber Technology Partners with Hardwire, LLC to Rapidly Expand Production of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Hardwire, LLC added to its workflow to produce medical face shields. New York, New York, USA, April 2, 2020 - Gerber Technology has partnered with Hardwire, LLC, a manufacturer of...

Two local companies making face shields for health care workers

"DELMARVA – Health care workers all across the country are experiencing a shortage of protective gear like face shields. But now two companies on Delmarva are doing what they can...

Hardwire Steps Up To Produce Protective Face Shields For Hospital Staff

"BERLIN –  In an effort to combat the spread of COVID-19, Hardwire LLC is now manufacturing face shields for medical personnel. The Pocomoke-based Hardwire is now producing protective face shields...

Hardwire Manufactures Face Shields to Protect Medical Personnel Combatting COVID-19

POCOMOKE CITY, MD (MARCH 27, 2020) – Hardwire, LLC, the leading manufacturer of protective armor used by the military, law enforcement and school systems, announced today that the Company will...

Hardwire & Assateague Island Alliance Donate to Assateague Island National Park Rangers

OCEAN CITY, MD- With a partnership between Hardwire, LLC and Assateague Island Alliance (AIA), the National Park Service (NPS) will have an additional layer of bulletproof protection when on duty....

Whitehouse Police Department receives ballistic shields from Smith County District Attorney's Office

By: Zak Wellerman March 4, 2020, Tyler Morning Telegraph   Through a collaboration with the Smith County District Attorney’s Office, Whitehouse police officers will now have improved protection in the...

Body Armor: Lightweight & More Protection

Hardwire was featured in Officer Brendan Rodela's article in the LET Magazine this month for our lightweight hard armor plates. Rodela specifically wrote about our Standard Multi Curve Plate that weights only...

Hardwire Provides Maryland Department of Natural Resources Police with Boat Armor

Pocomoke, MD – The Maryland Department of Natural Resources Police will be safer on the water with their new ballistic boat armor to protect them. Hardwire designed and provided the...

Hardwire to supply soft armor to the U.S. Marine Corps.


Soft Armor Satisfaction - A Sheriff's Story

"The Hardwire Panels are the lightest, thinnest, and most comfortable panels I’ve ever worn in my 28 year career. You have a customer for life. " -Sergeant T.D. Layman

Ohio prosecutor offering shields to schools to protect against shootings

Public and private schools in Union County are being offered a new safety tool Thursday, but with the hope that it’s never needed. County Prosecutor Dave Phillips has purchased 25...

What Products are Right for Your Kids?

Hardwire's Founder/CEO, George Tunis, was featured on Fox 45 Baltimore to educate families regarding the many levels of protection Hardwire makes keep your kids safe, both in and out of the classroom.

WATCH FOX46 WJZY: Bulletproof products advertised to stop an AR-15 are put to the test

JULIAN, NC (FOX 46 WJZY) - FOX 46 is putting armor advertised to stop an AR-15 to the test. The station planned a follow-up to our previous test on Friday, May 18. What...

WCPS Installs 58 emergency response shields at schools across the county

Newark, MD, May 15, 2018– This week, Worcester County Public Schools in partnership with Hardwire, LLC, installed emergency shields within every school to augment existing safety protocols. At its March 20,...

Keeping Schools Safe: Special Report Police Magazine

Special Report: Keeping Schools Safe from Police Magazine. Building Police-School Relationships POLICE Survey: How Would You Make Schools Safer? You Have to Go In Crowd Control Tactical Medical Response Staging...

Delmarva Now - Schools try bulletproof shields, patrols in wake of school shooting

Schools try bulletproof shields, patrols in wake of school shooting The Worcester Board of Education voted to accept $50,000 worth of donated bullet proof emergency shields from a Pocomoke-based manufacturer....
Test Hardwire soft body armor.

It is the thinnest, lightest and most impressive soft armor we've ever seen!

Thank you Curtis Blue Line, Safariland and SLCPD for sharing this great video evaluation of the Hardwire IIIA soft panel armor.
Hardwire LLC Emergency Response Shield to protect schools and offices from gun violence

Fearing mass shootings, some schools turn to armored equipment

From: Fearing mass shootings, some schools turn to armored equipmentBy AFP - March 4, 2018 @ 10:18am BERLIN: Linda Bragg wrote a “quote of the day” on the small whiteboard in her classroom,...

CBS Philadelphia - Sales Of Bulletproof School Gear Skyrocket Following Deadly Florida Shooting

CBS Philadelphia reporting.  Follow the link below to view the story featuring Hardwire LLC. Sales Of Bulletproof School Gear Skyrocket Following Deadly Florida Shooting.  

Hardwire on Front Page of Wall Street Journal

As a result of the numerous, recent school shootings, including the latest school shooting in Florida, schools are becoming more serious about safety and preparedness for active shooter situations. Hardwire...

Hardwire Ballistic Window Inserts Stay Perfectly Intact During Full Airbag Deployment Crash

(image: abc7 NY) Three police officers racing to the scene of a dispute between a knife-wielding tenant and his landlord struck a utility pole with their Hardwire armored patrol car....
Hardwire Vehicle Armor

Philly PD unveils Hardwire's Bulletproof Windows and Door Armor on Patrol Cars

Hardwire's vehicle armor products are now protecting yet another major city with their innovative design and superior technology derived from advanced military applications. Click the video above to see more. 

Made On Delmarva: Hardwire

  Hardwire's feature on 47 ABC's Made On Delmarva POCOMOKE CITY, Md. - A little bit of protection in the right place, can help subtract bullets from the equation.  
Las Vegas Nevada Largest mass shooting in current USA history

Las Vegas Nevada- Largest Mass Shooting in Current U.S. History

Our thoughts and prayers are with the victims, families, and friends of the Las Vegas shooting.

Maryland State Police to pilot “B-Kit” Door Armor

ANNAPOLIS, MARYLAND, June 5, 2017 – Together with Governor Larry Hogan and Maryland State Police Superintendent Colonel William Pallozzi, Hardwire, LLC announces that its Police Vehicle “B-Kit” Door Armor is...

MSP, Hardwire Eye Pilot Program On Vehicle Door Armor

BERLIN – The Maryland State Police (MSP) has entered into a pilot program with Hardwire LLC to use the company’s Police Vehicle B-Kit door armor on a select number of police vehicles.

On Monday, Gov. Larry Hogan, MSP Superintendent Colonel William Pallozzi and Hardwire announced that some state police vehicles will be outfitted with bulletproof panels made in Pocomoke.

This will be the latest venture for the Pocomoke-based company, which manufactures protective gear for various agencies around the country.

Emily Tunis, president of Hardwire, said the door armor provides discrete exterior protection for state troopers.

Pocomoke's Hardwire creates ballistic armor for state police vehicles

A pilot program between the Maryland State Police and a Pocomoke City armor manufacturer is aiming to provide another layer of protection for state troopers.

Hardwire LLC, in conjunction with Gov. Larry Hogan and the state police, announced Monday, June 5 a pilot initiative to test its “Police Vehicle ‘B-Kit’ Door Armor,” on state law enforcement vehicles.

Hardwire's Hard Workers Program

The Hardwire’s Hard Workers Program is done in conjunction with Pocomoke Middle School.  Each month, Hardwire recognizes one employee as its “Hardwire Hard Worker.”  Additionally, each month, Pocomoke Middle School...

NYPD, mayor show off bulletproof glass for patrol cars

Article taken from:   The NYPD convened Tuesday what the commissioner called a “show and tell” of bullet-resistant glass and doors to be installed on more than 3,800 patrol...

WATCH: Mayor De Blasio & Police Commissioner O’Neill Update New Yorkers From NYPD Firearms & Tactics Range In The Bronx  

NYPD to install bulletproof windows in all patrol cars

Article taken from    Image: Chad Rachman   The de Blasio administration is planning to spend $10.4 million to outfit all NYPD patrol cars with bullet-resistant window inserts, according...

Innovative ballistic protection products on display at SHOT Show 2017

Taken from Full article available here. I went to see Keith Fahl at Safariland to talk about some of the new innovations in ballistic panels. He was handing me panels...

Hardwire Soft Armor is the Lightest in the World

                          Hardwire's new soft armor is a combination of perfectly interlaced multi-functional fibers and game-changing polymer technology. Made...

2016 Champions of Maryland Manufacturing

  Hardwire, LLC recognized as Champion of Manufacturing in the State of Maryland. George Tunis exemplifies "Increasing Growth Through Visionary Leadership" as George started Hardwire in 2000. For years, Hardwire...

Press Release: VPD Receives Public Safety Excellence Award

  PRESS RELEASE For immediate release: 11/28/2016 4:30 p.m.  Valdez, AK – The Valdez Police Department ALICE program received the Alaska Municipal League’s annual Public Safety Award of Excellence during...

Fire protection for bridges? ~ RV Catches Fire on Bridge

An RV caught fire while crossing the Delaware Memorial Bridge causing a destructive blaze on the Eastbound lanes. Thankfully all the occupants managed to escape unharmed.This is a good example of...

Transformative Education: Interns at Work From Washington & Lee University

From W & L Transformative Education Feature Story          Walker Brand '18 Hometown: Roanoke, VA Major: EngineeringMinors: Computer Science and MathematicsCompany Name: Hardwire Armor SystemsLocation: Oak Hall, VAIndustry: DefensePosition: Intern...

Spinal Fusion: Scott's Story From Johns Hopkins Patient Stories

From John Hopkins Orthopaedic Surgery Patient StoriesOn a gorgeous summer day, Scott Kendall went out surfing—just as he’d always done when the opportunity presented itself. While catching a wave, Scott...

Q&A With George Tunis: Hardwire Founder Talks About How Company ‘Global In Reach’ Aims To Enhance Human Survivability

POCOMOKE — When Hardwire LLC founder George Tunis watches tragic events on the evening news, his hearts sinks like everyone else’s, but his mind goes right to work. Horrific events in our often violent world have inspired Tunis to develop products that have saved countless lives and may end up saving countless more. Hardwire’s massive manufacturing facility sits on the banks of the Pocomoke River in southern Worcester County and is the home base for the growing defense company that creates armor for everything from the military Hum-V’s on the front lines of war in the Middle East to the bulletproof whiteboards found in classrooms all over the globe.

Yet, for a guy who spends a lot of time dealing with classified information and projects, Tunis opened up to The Dispatch in a rare sit down about how homegrown innovation could help put a stop to some of the senseless violence we see in our world.

Gov. Larry Hogan visits Pocomoke's Hardwire LLC

In an effort to put a spotlight on a few of Maryland's local businesses, Gov. Larry Hogan, as well as Sen. Jim Mathias, visited Pocomoke City's Hardwire Armor Systems on Tuesday, June 21.

Founded in 2000 by George Tunis, Hardwire produces armor technology for application anywhere from the classroom to military environments. Beginning as a company specifically focused on building and bridge protection, Hardwire expanded to military and private armor following the events of 9/11.

Tunis talked about the roots of Hardwire to Hogan, while displaying photos of the decrepit building that once stood at Hardwire's site.

"The building was disgusting," Tunis said. "At the time, that was me alone. My mom cried when she saw the building."

George Tunis of Hardwire


BALTIMORE, MD (June 21, 2016) – Hardwire LLC, a manufacturer of armored systems and other products headquartered in Pocomoke City, Md., is expanding its operations and adding 20 new jobs over the next three years. The announcement was made during Governor Larry Hogan’s visit to Hardwire, where he discussed ways in which the state might encourage companies to expand and create jobs on the Eastern Shore.

County provides grant to help Hardwire expand in Pocomoke

(May 20, 2016) The Worcester County Commissioners agreed to provide a $10,000 grant for a composite armor manufacturer to complete an expansion in Pocomoke City at its meeting on Tuesday.

The request came from Merry Mears, county director of economic development, and will help Hardwire LLC continue its development of its third location, which will be at 1731 Broad St.

County To Provide $10K Grant To Hardwire To Help With Facility Upgrades

SNOW HILL – Worcester County officials agreed to provide a $10,000 grant to the armor manufacturing company Hardwire to aid in its latest expansion.

Based on a recommendation from Merry Mears, the county’s economic development director, the Worcester County Commissioners agreed to give Hardwire $10,000. The grant will be used to upgrade the electrical system at the company’s new building on Broad Street in Pocomoke.

Hardwire Introduces Bulletproof Whiteboard Training Video

This short instructional video is led by Hardwire founder and CEO George Tunis, and company president Emily Tunis. They'll walk you through the basics of our company and the Dyneema material comprising the armor, and how to handle yourself offensively and defensively in an active shooter situation.

Active shooter training includes Hardwire Bulletproof Whiteboards

Hardwire Bulletproof Whiteboards are featured in the city of Valdez Alaska active shooter training video. The VPD ALICE is a promotional developed by Seed Media for the Valdez Police Department

Bloomburg Business - The Bulletproof Classroom: Shielding Kids From Shooters

Bloomberg Business coverage of Bulletproof Whiteboards.  October 2015.

'Active shooter' incidents on the rise

The number of incidents in which a shooter opens fire on a crowd of people more than doubled over the past seven years compared with the previous seven, the FBI found in a study made public Wednesday.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation analyzed 160 "active shooter" incidents from 2000 through 2013 to look for common elements that might guide law enforcement officers in preventing the shootings or responding more effectively.

The study found an average of six incidents per year from 2000 through 2006. The number rose to 16 incidents annually in the past seven years.

Bulletproof school supplies aim to keep kids safe

Companies like Hardwire LLC. are introducing a new trend to the back-to-school marketplace: Armored backpacks, clipboards and more products that are meant to keep children safe.