Ensuring every product over-performs.

We know surprises are a part of your job, but the only way your armor should surprise you is how well it performs. That’s why we test and validate the performance of our armor solutions in our in-house ballistic and live-fire facilities, as well as with third-party independent certified test labs.

Ballistic Threats

We’re capable of testing ammunition from the smallest handguns up to a 30mm cannon in our in-house gun tunnels.

Ballistic Threats
Fire Threats

In our fire chambers, we are able to run hydrocarbon pool fire tests on parts up to 50" in diameter.

Fire Threats
Cutting Threats

We’re fully equipped to test material and armor toughness with in-house mechanical saws with blades up to 16 diameter, oxy acetylene torches, and thermal lance cutting tools.

Cutting Threats
Blast & Explosive Threats

We conduct live fire testing for emerging threats (diamond cutting charges, linear shaped charges, satchel charges, explosively formed projectiles, bulk explosive charges, and other improvised explosive devices) at dedicated partner sites.

Blast & Explosive Threats

Our armor works in extreme conditions.

We recreate tough environments and test our solutions and materials in realistic conditions. Two environmental chambers evaluate performance in temperature extremes and humidity. Hardwire tests its armor in various conditions for law enforcement and military markets.

  • diesel-soaked
  • salt water soaked
  • hot
  • cold
  • oil soaked
  • and more

Quality to the highest standard.

As an SBA-Certified HUBZone Small Business, our quality procedures are certified to ISO 9001:2015 through BSI Group America.

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Unprecedented stopping power.

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