Hardwire, LLC founded in 2000 by George Tunis

"Hardwire®" (the product) was originally used for seismic retrofit of buildings and infrastructure reinforcement applications, and this is still the case today. However, September 11, 2001 changed Tunis’ focus and the Hardwire team began to work on armor protection for ground vehicles, aircraft, boats, and personnel.

Today, Hardwire is known for solving some of our country’s most challenging military and defense problems. For almost two decades, the Hardwire team has developed, tested, and fielded armor to protect against a variety of threats, ranging from small arms to improvised explosive devices (IEDs) to underbody blast. These efforts provided life-saving protection for our brave men and women and allies.

Over the years, Hardwire has produced hundreds of thousands of Explosively Formed Projectile (EFP) and specialty armor kits for U.S. military and commercial vehicles, boats, and aircraft. Hardwire provides the vehicle armor kits for the entire New York City 911 response team, the Philadelphia Police Department, and many others. The Hardwire team is a premier provider of hard and soft body armor for the U.S. Army, Marine Corps, Special Operations Command, FBI, DEA, and many other Government and law enforcement personnel. Additionally, Hardwire’s tactical shields are used by SWAT teams and police forces around the country. 

Hardwire also maintains product lines for critical infrastructure and homeland security protection. Hardwire supplied E-glass panels to the Defense Logistics Agency, equaling over 100 acres of protection in Iraq. Additionally, Hardwire has designed, produced, and installed armor on over a dozen bridges throughout the United States, as well as buildings and utilities in major cities across the country.

Hardwire manufactures Emergency Response Shields, clipboards, and backpack inserts which are being used to protect individuals in public and private facilities, schools, and Government buildings across the United States. 

Hardwire’s armor manufacturing facilities span over 130,000 square feet and enable the Hardwire team to support large, expedient armor manufacturing programs. The capacity is anchored by custom, state-of-art laminating presses, autoclaves, CNC equipment, and automated machinery that enables Hardwire to deliver high-quality, life-saving products when they are needed most.


We do have great talent and great technology, but we’re always trying to make it a little bit better.

George Tunis, CEO and Founder of Hardwire

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