At Hardwire, we create solutions to protect human life because we're all mothers, fathers, sons, and daughters first. We have been a leading manufacturer of protective armor for two decades, producing armor systems trusted and used by the military, law enforcement, municipalities, private business, consumers, and school systems.
Hardwire team accepts the RMC award in 2023

We are hardwire

Hardwire's mission and core values are the heartbeat of our company.

Long-standing Leadership.

Many of our employees, including the leadership team, have worked at Hardwire for 10 years or more. Why? Because they're the best at what they do and they believe in our mission.

Mission statement

  • Hardwire - Improving the Survivability of Humans

  • Who – Diverse, tight core team with worldwide partners

  • What – Creative material based, scientific solutions

  • Where – Pocomoke headquarters, worldwide distribution

Core Values

  • Integrity – Our word it not to be broken. A handshake is binding. We own our mistakes.

  • Team – All treated equally. All contribute. Individual excellence. Shared goals. Disciplined habits. Trust. Teach. Listen

  • Bold Innovation – Get in motion. Stay in motion. Finish strong. Failure is just delayed success. Think massive. Test small.

  • Customer – Our sole purpose for being Hardwire.

To create protective solutions that span a broad range of industries, we rely on our strategic partnerships with some of the leading innovators in the world.

Hardwire's newest ambassadors

Hardwire is excited to introduce the newest additions to our growing team.Introducing Bullet and Dozer, the dynamic Vizsla duo proudly representing the indomitable spirit of Hardwire, the premier armor company known for its unyielding steel and armor craftsmanship.


Sleek and agile, Bullet personifies the swift precision that defines Hardwire's products. With a rust-colored coat reminiscent of molten steel, Bullet embodies speed, agility, and a keen sense of alertness. His name reflects not just his rapid movements but also the penetrating strength he shares with the armor manufactured by Hardwire. Bullet is the vigilant guardian, ensuring that protection is swift and seamless, just like the boldly innovative technology behind Hardwire's armor.



Meet Dozer, the mighty Vizsla with a robust frame and a heart as sturdy as the steel produced by Hardwire. His name captures the sheer strength and determination he brings to every task. Standing courageous and tall with a steadfast gaze, Dozer mirrors the prowess of resilience, power and determination reflected in Hardwire's core values He is a force to be reckoned with, symbolizing the company's commitment to creating heavy-duty, unyielding protection. Dozer is not just a companion; he's a living embodiment of the durability that defines Hardwire's cutting-edge craftsmanship.


Together, Bullet and Dozer stand tall as the Vizsla ambassadors of Hardwire, showcasing the perfect blend of agility, strength, and loyalty that reflects the essence of Hardwire's top-notch armor.

Committed to our community.

The safety and well-being of the future thought-leaders and teachers in our community is of critical importance to us. That's why we engage local students through STEM outreach and have donated +1,700 Emergency Response Shields to our local county public schools.

Committed to our community.