Protecting people and planet with PRAS-FREE Armor

Protecting Americans is our mission as much as protecting America. Hardwire's facilities sit right along the Pocomoke River in Maryland. We are constantly surrounded and reminded of nature's presence. A huge part of Hardwire's company mission of protecting the survivability of humans is protecting our land. This in one of many reasons that our armor is PFAS-free.  In fact, Hardwire has the only PFAS-free soft armor available. 

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Improving the survivability of humans, from armor to earth. Hardwire strives to sustain eco-friendly plans and practice. From design to process, our superior material efficiency leads the rest of the industry. Hardwire is the lightest and thinnest body armor on the market, making it sustainable from inception. Less mass = Less trash. Cutting-edge innovation renders our fabrication process more sustainable than any other armor company. Hardwire is the leader in environmentally-friendly armor creation. We protect America: people and soil.

Touting a 10 year warranty on most products, Hardwire armor lasts 2x longer than the rest: Longer life = less waste in budget and landfills.









Assateague and Chincoteague are barrier islands that hug the coast of Maryland's Eastern Shore and Northern Virginia; roughly 30min away from our facility. Home to herds of wild ponies, bald eagles, marshes, dunes, and forests, this nationally protected land is held close to Hardwire's heart. Protecting this precious and unique environment by implementing sustainable practices is nothing short of a priority by our engineers and team as a whole. 




Hardwire is comprised of a diverse team across our 3 campuses. Our products are all made in the USA, compliant with fair labor laws. We value equality among workers and offer profit sharing as one of our many employee benefits. Our team is our soul as well as our community. During the Covid-19 pandemic, we donated more than 3 million Hardwire-manufactured face shields to schools, hospitals, and communities in need, in addition to our usual business of saving lives with armor.


Our armor is the lightest and thinnest armor available. Less material, less waste, high efficiency. We reuse and repurpose everything we can. We map out our product production so there is minimal waste. We repurpose the remnants we do have into test targets, allowing consumers to test our armor's capabilities first-hand. We offer the longest warranties in the business because the longest lasting product is the most sustainable.



Circularity matters. That's why, when our MRAPs came back from overseas, we repurposed the unused material for other applications. We also repurpose excess vehicle armor kit materials for our soft armor bag inserts! In addition, Hardwire has paired up with Dyneema to aim towards a zero-waste future with our most heavily used material.