NIJ Level 3+

(Tested in accordance with NIJ 0108.01)

: Stops Handguns, Shotguns, Assault Rifles & M855 Green Tip Penetrator Rounds

Emergency Response Shield® - Steel, Level 3+ (Rifle)

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The Hardwire Emergency Response Shield® is the Fire Extinguisher for Gunfire. This updated shield is designed to be easy to locate and at the ready in the event of an active shooter situation—providing critical, military-trusted protection when escape is not an option.

ERS® Steel Level 3+ protects against shotguns, handguns, and rifles including M855 "Green Tip" partial steel core ammunition.

TRAINING & TUTORIALS | Please scroll down to our Features & Specs Tab as well as our Video Library Tab for in-depth video demonstrations, product details, and helpful articles.

School ERS® Training Manual PDF >

Public Facility ERS® Training Manual PDF >

Key Features
  • Easy to find, hold, hang, or carry
  • Patented NIJ Level 3+ shield, tested in accordance with NIJ 0108.01 and beyond
  • Protects the head and vital torso area
  • Engineered with the world’s strongest materials
  • Designed using technology developed for the U.S. military
  • Works in conjunction with DHS “Run, Hide, Fight” and ALERRT "Avoid, Deny, Defend" 
  • Intuitive, easy to understand user direction to help in an emergency
  • Size: 18” x 20” x 0.23"
  • Weight: 24 lbs
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Much like a fire extinguisher or defibrillator, the bright red color of our Emergency Response Shield® is designed to stand out and makes it easy to locate in an emergency.


Features & Specs
  • Size: 18” x 20” x 0.23"
  • Weight: 24 lbs
  • Protects the head and vital torso area
  • 2.5 times more surface area than a police body armor plate
  • Features updated comfort grip handles with foam padding
  • Includes a wall mount for easy hanging
  • NIJ Level 3+ protection, tested in accordance with NIJ 0108.01 and beyond
  • Dissipates impact energy quickly and efficiently
  • Intuitive, easy to understand user direction to help in an emergency
  • Limited 10 year Manufacturer's Warranty
  • 100% Made in USA
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Classroom Emergency Response Shield Scenario
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What does it stop?
  • The Steel Level 3+ ERS® stops ammunition from handguns, shotguns, blunt force weapons, and rifles. Essentially, this ERS® will stop any ammunition an active shooter would use from a handgun, shotgun, or AR/AK.
Is it big enough?
  • A lot off engineering has been put into the size of this shield to optimize it for every day users.  Shooters typically aim for the center of mass (torso) and what they see most easily.  The ERS® is 4 times larger than body armor that police officers wear and it covers the vital torso area. The size balances coverage while also ensuring that the shield isn’t too heavy to use.  It also has the ability to fit easily through doorways.  You need enough body coverage but you also need to be able to move with it.  The shield has been designed with all of those elements in mind.
Will I get thrown backwards if I am hit while holding the shield? 
  • No! Don’t let Hollywood fool you. The force from the bullet will be dispersed through the shield as the projectile is stopped.  This goes back to physics first principles – conservation of momentum.  Since the weight of the shield is more than the weight of the gun, the force (kick) you feel in the shield will be less than the kick of the gun.
It’s heavy, how am I expected to use this?
  • We know it is not light, but it stops bullets. In an emergency, adrenaline is running high. Most able-bodied adults will be able to utilize the shield under these circumstances. Remember, you don’t need to hold it for hours. You just need to grab it and respond quickly.
How is it used?
  • First, we recommend the Dept. of Homeland Security’s response protocol, “Run, Hide, Fight”.  If you can get away from danger safely, first, run.  If you cannot escape, hide. Cover windows, lock doors, and stay out of the line of sight.  However, if you are faced with the assailant and have no other options, fight to disable the shooter.  This is when the shield comes into play most effectively.  Grab the shield.  Position yourself in an athletic, bent-knee stance.  Protect your students or others around you by having them stand behind you (and the shield).  Disable the assailant by rushing them with the shield, ramming into them and knocking the weapon out of their hand.  The unfortunate reality is that if you have no other option but to die or fight for your life, you will be very glad to have this tool.  See our training video for a full tutorial and simulation for a visual understanding.
How do I install the ERS®?
There are shields installed in my school, now what?
How do we talk to students/ children about the shields in an appropriate way? Won’t this scare the children?