Vehicle Armor

Added confidence for any road.

On battlefields around the world and streets across America, U.S. troops and police officers choose Hardwire vehicle armor. Why? Because, from weight to cost to type of protection needed, we tailor our solutions to your specific challenges.

Hardwire is an ARI approved vendor.
Fast and easy install.

This vehicle armor was developed as a derivative of the military armor B-Kit, where the armor panel is installed on the outside of the vehicle.

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We had to do our best to make sure our cops remain as safe as possible, so that's why we have the door panels and window inserts.

James O'Neill, NYPD Commissioner

Advanced technology. Proven performance.

From 2008-2011, we delivered more than 5,000 EFP armor kits to the U.S. military for Mine Resistant Ambush Protected (MRAP) vehicles. Amongst our many successes, we delivered 100% on-time with 0 parts rejected in the field.

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Why police departments trust Hardwire:

Buys officers time.

Door and window protection gives your officers critical seconds to assess a threat, defend themselves, and take action.

Proven on the battlefield.

Our vehicle armor solutions are designed using the same technologies that have been fine-tuned and enemy-tested by our troops all around the world.

Quick to deploy.

It is fast to upgrade your vehicle with our customized door panels, and to install our window armor.


We are the ballistic partner of Attack Mats. Hardwire armor meets vehicle floor mats for additional protection inside and outside your vehicle. Complete with arm strap and quick grab handle, Attack Mats are the perfect Level 3A bulletproof car accessory. 

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Designed for flexibility.

The exterior B-Kit design allows you to easily swap out armor from vehicle to vehicle or upgrade your protection level as your threat changes.

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In the news.

The Philadelphia Police Department has just joined our growing list of major police departments, including New York, who have upgraded their vehicles with Hardwire armor.

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