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Use the following resources for easy talking points when speaking with friends, school leaders, and government officials about Hardwire's school safety solutions.


Key points when speaking with other parents.

Policy change is not going to happen overnight, but we can join together to demand change in our schools right now. We can give our children and their teachers the tools to protect themselves from an active shooter situation. Today.



Key points when speaking with school leaders.

School shootings are an epidemic that is only getting worse. Until policy changes are made, we need to give our children a readily accessible means to defend themselves under any circumstance.



Key points when speaking with government officials.

Too many lives have been lost from school shootings. It’s time to implement incremental change that can help our schools right now. After all, our schools are required to have fire protection, so why not firearm protection?



Hardwire is donating 1,600 Emergency Response Shields
to protect all the schools on Maryland's Lower Shore. 
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Video Resources: