Active Shooter Protection Exists, Offering Protection To Complement Policy Change

Active Shooter Protection Exists, Offering Protection To Complement Policy Change

Active Shooter Protection Exists, Offering Protection To Complement Policy Change

POCOMOKE CITY, Maryland – May 27, 2022


Our country is in peril over the devastating massacre of the 19 students and 2 teachers at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, TX. News outlets and law makers are reeling with the flood of ideas around policy change and reform to end mass shootings. Like most initiatives involving the judicial system, change takes time. Time that we, as a country, do not have. The children of America need protection today until reform occurs.


It is imperative that awareness is brought to a technology that can protect against these unthinkable events. Active shooter protection exists. Hardwire LLC has the technology to put Emergency Response Shields in school hallways and classrooms, bulletproof bag inserts in backpacks, and ballistic clipboards in the hands of teachers. Tragedies like this remind us of the need for concrete action to keep people safe in public facilities and schools. Our country must do better at making tools available.


Consider the fire extinguisher. It took roughly 100 years from its invention to be normalized into building code and policy. Today, schools have fire extinguishers every 75ft…. Why not firearm protection too? Hardwire created these products in the wake of Sandy Hook and our solutions are deployed in schools nationwide, but not all schools. Policy change is not going to happen overnight, but we can join together to demand change in our schools right now. We can give our children and their teachers the tools to protect themselves from an active shooter situation. Today.


There’s not just one solution to end mass shootings quickly; but with Hardwire’s school solutions, everyday people have access to practical ways to defend themselves right now until help arrives, buying precious time and decision space. Every day, Hardwire LLC aims toward the mission of improving the survivability of humans. We are biased for action and can help save lives now. Evil is cowardly and tends to shy away from hardened targets; But if it does come in the door, having an immediately available tool to deal with it is paramount.


About Hardwire LLC:

Hardwire LLC is a ballistic armor company that makes body armor for the U.S. Army, Marine Corps, and Special Ops in addition to armoring Law Enforcement officers and vehicles, including the NYPD. After Sandy Hook, Hardwire created ballistic protection for schools against active shooters.