School Resource Officer Active Shooter Protection Tools On Site

School Resource Officer Active Shooter Protection Tools On Site

From SWAT to schools, Hardwire offers optimized armor protection. With government contracts from the FBI and SOCOM to U.S. Army and Marines, Hardwire's military-grade technology has been crafted into affordable school protection. These ballistic products, which can already be found in schools in every U.S. state, work with the Department of Homeland Security’s recommendation to “Run, Hide, Fight” and ALERRT’s “Avoid, Deny, Defend” protocol. These products empower students, faculty, and staff to defend themselves, buying critical time until first responders arrive, and ensuring that proper ballistic shield technology is already on site for law enforcement response. Similar to its tactical shield product line, Hardwire's Emergency Response Shield (ERS) comes in  Level III+ (rifle) protection. The ERS steel option stops Green Tip rifle rounds.

"The Emergency Response Shield (ERS) is the fire extinguisher for gunfire and should be placed with other emergency tools for ease of access."-Hardwire CEO, George Tunis

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Remember the days when fire was fought with buckets of water and a line of humans? Then someone invented the fire extinguisher, the smoke detector, and Smokey the Bear to promote fire prevention. The same is needed for active shooter prevention and protection. Emergency Response Shields are the fire extinguisher for gunfire. Distributed throughout schools and public facilities, they stop bullets and are easily available in an emergency. Teachers today face the problem bare-handed. The ERS is a tool to help – a tool that empowers survival until first responders arrive.


Mass shootings are community-shattering events. That's why Hardwire donated 1,600 shields to their tri-county schools on the lower Eastern Shore of Maryland. If you'd like to see this protection in your community, contact us. It is our mission to protect every school in America.