Hardwire Awarded U.S. Army MSV Delivery Order

Hardwire LLC Awarded U.S. Army MSV Contract

Hardwire Awarded U.S. Army MSV Delivery Order

Innovation, reliability, and performance lead American warfighters to Hardwire


Pocomoke City, MD — Sep 28, 2021Hardwire, LLC was awarded its first delivery order for the Army’s next generation Modular Scalable Vest (MSV) program.  The Army MSV program will replace heavy body armor systems with new lightweight armor and carriers.  The contract is scheduled to run for the next nine years.  The Army’s top priority for the MSV program is to "lighten the load” on its troops with a tailorable vest.  Hardwire’s patented armor was the lightest evaluated for the program and one of the first chosen for production.

Hardwire’s soft body armor is the lightest weight soft armor system in the DoD arsenal.  Hardwire is the sole source manufacturer of soft armor for the U.S. Special Operations Command, the United States Marine Corps, and is now a supplier to the U.S. Army via Bethel Industries, the prime contract awardee and Hardwire’s partner on the MSV program.  All DoD services understand the value of lightweight armor and the critical role it plays in troop comfort and peak performance.  


 Hardwire Military Soft Armor Inserts 2021

Hardwire Military Soft Armor Inserts (Left to Right) | Marines, Army, SOCOM. 


 "Our job now is to deliver perfect quality exactly on time” stated George Tunis, CEO.  "Hardwire’s highly automated armor lines bring a level of quality and consistency that had not previously been possible.  Our factory looks more like a Tesla factory and nothing like armor factories of the past.  Hardwire and Bethel have made a step change in modernizing body armor production.” 

Variants of the Hardwire military-grade armor systems are also available to civilian law enforcement.  Hardwire armor is already worn by tens of thousands of officers nationwide and has brought several officers home in the last year alone.  

"Our vision was to blend superior military technology with the needs of the civilian sector to ensure we had the most tested, durable, and trusted armor in the world.  That vision is now a reality,” stated Tunis. 



About Hardwire, LLC 

Hardwire provides protective armor systems to the military, law enforcement, and public entities such as school systems.  The company has armored police vehicles for large cities and municipalities, covered miles of the nation’s critical bridges with armor, outfitted countless police officers with life-saving protection, and supplies the U.S. military with hard and soft body armor. Because Hardwire is a survivability company, crises are when it excels. Visit www.HardwireLLC.com for more information.


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