Early Christmas Decorating

Early Christmas Decorating | Is Oct. 29th too early?

As part of the gear up for Hardwire's onslaught of Christmas Deals, the Marketing Team brought our Christmas tree out of storage and decorated a couple days prior to Halloween (for the sake of photo ops, we swear). This lead to a few discussions:

  1. When is it appropriate to decorate for Christmas?
  2. How soon can Christmas music be played?
  3. Can it be played all year if no one but you can hear it?
  4. How long can your Christmas tree stay up?

"It's too early to decorate for Christmas!"

...was a phrase constantly echoed through our halls. While others were rather delighted...

Some sang "Jingle Bells" while others belted the "Monster Mash" as the tree was adorned with ornaments. In typical Hardwire Team fashion, all view points were discussed and everyone soldiered through. (Besides we all brought in the "extra" Halloween candy from our kids' bags. So the snickers and candy corn made all the discussions go down easier)


Tuesday, Nov. 2nd, Police 1 shared a humorous article by The Charlotte Observer outlining one police station's social media expose of early Christmas protest.

Here is what the North Ridgeville Police Department had to say about the post Halloween/ early Christmas decoration controversy:

Concerned citizens around the country reached out to see if this warning was in fact a new law or a public farce. 

North Ridgeville Police Department had to issue a quite hilarious public response to clear the air...

North Ridgeville PD Facebook Page

All in all, the North Ridgeville Police Department full of wit and good humor isn't full of Scrooges when it comes to the holidays. Here is their happy smiling team complete with an appropriately timed decorated Christmas tree. But for the record, this photo was posted 1 week prior to Thanksgiving in 2019. Do with that information what you will. 

North Ridgeville Police Department Holiday Photo

Tell us, when do YOU start decorating for the holidays?

Here is Hardwire's 2021 Christmas Tree, decorated October 29th, 2021. Stay tuned to our Newsroom and eNewsletter for Black Friday Deals and Holiday Sales through November - December!

 Hardwire's Christmas Tree

Introducing Sgt. Hardwire

Sargent Hardwire Reporting for Savings

Keep an eye out for our "Elf on the Shelf," Sgt. Hardwire as he leads all to protection through great savings this holiday season.