How to Survive a Slasher Movie | Scary Good Protection

How to Survive a Slasher Movie | Scary Good Protection

Hardwire's Ode to Halloween Movies

80s Slasher Movies are legendary for their gore and jump scare signature. Hardwire's Level 3A Bulletproof and Stab-proof bag inserts offer the scary good protection necessary to survive the classic slasher horror movies.


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Halloween Hockey Mask

Hardwire's limited edition Double-Sided Slasher Print Level 3A Hard Bulletproof backpack Insert is now available. (Just in time for Spooky Season). Protect yourself now!

Halloween Safety Tips

At Hardwire, we love a good horror movie during the Halloween Season, but horror movies tend to not like us...



Trick or Treat, smell my feet 

I have something you can't defeat

If you try, I don't care

I'm protected by Hardwire


Halloween Safety Kits

The best bag is a safe bag. (Trick or Treat bag, laptop bag, or book bag) Our NIJ Level 3A bulletproof and stab proof backpack inserts are great for stealth and lightweight personal protection on the go for anyone anytime, but our seasonal Halloween themed background is a fun and spooky edition to a trick or treat safety kit too. When you are already weighed down by lots of books, this insert will fit seamlessly into a backpack without adding weight or bulk. In fact these inserts are so thin, they can turn your laptop sleeve (or any bag) into a bulletproof bag. 

 What is the definition of PPE?

Personal Protection Equipment. From face shields to bulletproof bag inserts, our mission at Hardwire is to protect everyone from a variety of threats. Typically people think of safety glasses, face masks, and hardhats as PPE, but at Hardwire we are expanding the reach of the PPE definition to bulletproof and stab proof armor as portable protection.


Hardwire Bulletproof Inserts make great gifts for police officers as well as gifts for preppers. Active shooter protection is no joke. Now gun violence protection is available for everyone through Hardwire's civilian products.