Ballistic Shield Saves Police Lives

Ballistic Shield Saves Police Lives

Staten Island, New York (January 20, 2022) Police encountered gunfire early Thursday morning as reported by the New York Post. Using a ballistic shield a detective on scene saved his team from being hit with gunfire. Det. Libretti suffered a severe leg wound, but due to his acts and the shield coverage, no officers were fatally wounded.

Here is the clipping of the article for full details. 

Newspaper Clipping of New York Post Article

Credit: Joe Marino, Craig McCarthy, Tina Moore, Larry Celona, Amanda Woods

Importance of Ballistic Shields

  • Protects head and vital torso area
  • Absorbs shock, reduces trauma
  • NIJ Level protection in level 3 & 3A

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 Capabilities of Hardwire Ballistic Shields

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Hardwire Ballistic Shield Spec Sheet