Countering the Mass Shooter Threat: An Open Letter

Countering the Mass Shooter Threat: An Open Letter

An Open Letter About the Nationals Stadium Shooting,

Chaos tore through Nationals Stadium when shots rang out. No one knew where the shots were coming from, who the target of the attack was, or the best course of action to remain safe. Fear gripped everyone as the masses fled.

We can’t stop the criminals. We can stop the bullets, with technology that has been utilized and in plain sight for over 8 years. Hardwire Emergency Response Shields can be a part of any landscape and could easily help to protect those seeking refuge.

At Hardwire, we develop, test, and field armor for the military and law enforcement officers. We have produced thousands of armor kits for military vehicles. We are the manufacturers of body armor for the US Marine Corp, US Army, and Special Operations Command. We protect critical infrastructure such as bridges across the world. Our armor is used by many police officers in the line of duty.

Hardwire has adapted its military armor to active shooter applications to give members of the public an opportunity to protect themselves. Our Hardwire Emergency Response Shield (ERS) is a tool anyone can use. Department of Homeland Security advises “Run, Hide, Fight” for active shooter situations, the same approach used by many at Nationals Stadium. Active shooter circumstances can be overwhelming, ERS allows citizens to “Run, Hide, Fight” with ballistic protection.

Hardwire advises on strategy for shield placement for optimal protection, especially in large capacity venues. We have created shields for establishments in all 50 states, but due to the discreet nature and ability to customize, ERS can be kept in plain sight without saturating the viewer with its presence. You may have already been in a space with an ERS and not even known it.

We suggest shields be placed with a “line of sight” principle – from any hallway, in any gathering area (gym, cafeteria, media center, etc.), or at the doorway of any room, you should be able to see a shield. A good rule of thumb is a shield for every fire extinguisher. They both are life-saving tools in the event of an incident, and give a sense of security knowing a resource is nearby. A common place to see shields are in schools, who also follow this protocol.

Make ERS part of your normal life. This as well as other straight-to -consumer products are available today to you. Check out our website or please reach out to us and we can introduce you to a myriad of answers.

Emily W. Tunis

President & COO