We've got your BACK to School SALE

Back to School Safe Sale: Hardwire Style

BACK to School Sale & Contest

We’ve got your BACK to (and from) school. Each week from August 8th to September 4th, we will have a 2021 back to school sale with our bulletproof school gear. 

  • Aug 8-14 - Soft Backpack Inserts as low as $74 
  • Aug 15-21 - Clipboards as low as $79
  • Aug 22-28 - Custom Emergency Response Shields $799
  • Aug 29-Sep 4 - Hard Backpack Inserts as low as $69

With gun violence at a record high, students and education professionals need options to help them survive beyond the active shooter drills.  Hardwire® has your BACK to School Sale to make sure your kids, teachers, administrators, resource officers - all school staff, has the best protection available.

June 2021 article in the Washington Post on gun violence escalation in schools

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All purchasers of our Back 2 School Sale will be automatically entered to win a CUSTOMIZED Level 3A Emergency Response Shield for their school of choice! Each product purchased using our Back to School discount code counts as an entry. We will select the winner LIVE on our @Hardwire_LLC  Instagram on Friday, September 17th. Make sure to follow us so you get notified of the announcement! The customized shield can be printed with the school’s mascot, crest, motto, etc... The possibilities are endless!


Level 3A soft armor insert bulletproof backpack hardwire llcsoft bulletproof inserts Hardwire LLC

Looking for the best bulletproof backpack for kids?

Soft Bag Inserts - Level 3A
On Sale 8/8 thru 8/14/21

The best backpack is a safe backpack. Our soft NIJ Level 3A bulletproof bag inserts are great for flexible, stealth, and lightweight protection on the go. If your favorite student is already weighed down by lots of books, this insert will fit seamlessly into their backpack without adding weight or bulk. In fact these inserts are so thin, they can turn your laptop sleeve(or any bag) into a bulletproof bag.

10x13 Soft NIJ Level 3A Bag Insert  (Sale Price = $74)
Use Code: B2S74

11x17 Soft NIJ Level 3A Rounded Bag Insert (Sale Price = $99) 
Use Code: B2S99


Clipboards - Level 3A
On Sale 8/15 thru 8/21/21

Hardwire Clipboards are rated with Level 3A NIJ protection.


Combining functionality of protecting your papers and your life. Clipboards are great for mobile teachers, coaches, college students, and medical students in residency.

10x13 Hard NIJ Level 3A Clipboard (Sale Price = $79)
Use Code: B2S79


 CUSTOM SCHOOL BULLETPROOF SHIELDS HARDWIRE LLC bulletproof shield hardwire llc fire safety in schools

Emergency Response Shield - Dyneema 

On Sale 8/22 thru 8/28/21
Fill out our "Contact Us" form for customization information.

Our Emergency Response Shields are rated NIJ Level 3 and Level 3A.

Sale Shield Choices:

Both options offer great protection at different price points. Our customization sale offers a discount on our  ERS Level 3 Dyneema | 2.0. Originally priced at $999, this shield will be on sale from 8/22 to 8/28/21 for $799!

These ER shields are great gifts for the school’s office, gymnasium, cafeteria, hallways, and auditorium. We recommend a shield be placed with every fire extinguisher in case of emergency. A school safety plan for active shooter situations is a helpful way to prepare students and teachers. Hardwire LLC also offers customization of ER shields! They can be used for advertisements in the stadium to touting your school’s mascot throughout the halls. Our ER shields offer a lot of coverage and real estate which makes this shield a dual-use school safety sign.  


Pink sunrise bulletproof backpack insert bulletproof rifle backbackhard bulletproof bag insert level 3a backpack hardwire llc

Hard Bag Inserts - Level 3 & 3A 
On Sale 8/29 thru 9/4/21

Hard bag inserts are another great portable option for protection! Our hard bulletproof book bag inserts are offered in a variety of designs and colors as well as being stab-proof. Our hard inserts also offer a stiff, flat surface for writing and drawing on the go without the bulk of a clipboard clip. Turn your bag into the best travel backpack with our bulletproof inserts. 

10x13 Hard NIJ Level 3A Bag Insert (Sale Price = $69)
Use Code: B2S69

10x13 Hard NIJ Level 3 Bag Insert  (Sale Price = $199)
Use Code: B2S199

Offers only valid during 2021 and end by day and month specified above while supplies last. Offers cannot be combined with other discounts or promotions.



Don't Forget our EVERYDAY LOW PRICE of our American Made Face Shields!

With the delta variant of Covid19 on the rise, we'd like to remind our friends that we still have face shields available. Shields are great for medical professionals, travelers, and those looking for that extra layer of protection.


July 21 article in New York Times about Delta Variant

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