Hardwire Body Armor SAVES Event Recap | April 26, 2023

Hardwire Body Armor SAVES Event Recap | April 26, 2023

Pocomoke City, MD - On April 26, 2023 Hardwire, LLC hosted the Hardwire Body Armor SAVES event honoring three officers who were shot in the line of duty and lived to tell the tale; their Hardwire armor saved their life. Ed Hinchey, the Director of the Safariland SAVES Club and the Hardwire team welcomed the three saves into the Safariland SAVES Club at the event and heard their stories first hand. See the videos below to hear the officer's moving stories too!

“Hardwire’s mission is to improve the survivability of humans. Today’s testimonials from these brave officers fortify this mission and fuels our drive to continually provide innovative, lifesaving armor.”

- George Tunis, Hardwire CEO

Hardwire CEO George Tunis -Hardwire Body Armor SAVES Event Safariland SAVES Club


Safariland SAVES Club Stories
Officer Don Murdoch | Philadelphia SWAT | SAVE #2135

"I've taught people, this is where you shoot, this is where you end the threat up or thoracic cavity, we call it. This is where all the good stuff is. Well, I got hit right there and it was a blind shot through a wall. So it was total luck. But I'm here. Standing here talking to you guys today because of what you do. So I want to thank you. You know, people thank police all the time. Thank you for what you do. I wouldn't be standing here talking to you right now if it wasn't for you guys. "

Don's SAVE Armor - Hardwire .68 Level IIIA Ballistics and a Hardwire ICW plate.


Sergeant Kevin T. Creed | Aiken County, SC Sheriff's Office | SAVE #2153

"That's when it went from 0 to 5000 miles an hour. A young 16 year old kid comes out from behind the door and basically started unleashing hell on me. I was hit twice. I was struck in my arm and at  the time I just I knew I was hit somewhere else...one of my teammates, they said, 'I found a round', well, I glanced over and I was able to see the copper jacket of the nine millimeter round stuck in my throat protector."

Kevin's SAVE Armor - Hardwire .68 Level IIIA Ballistics


Officer TJ Fitzpatrick | Philadelphia SWAT | SAVE #2154

 "And he starts ripping my vest off and checking me. He tells me there's no holes, there's no blood. You're good...

So what does Mr. Do good do? He calls his wife and says, I'm good. I'm on the way to the hospital. Her response was, Who's hit? Who's down? I say, I'm good. I'm on the way to the hospital, hang the phone up, and everybody shows up. And my oldest is 23 years old who can't stand affection, hates hugs from everybody, comes into the hospital trauma room and she jumps on my bed and she gives me a hug.

And at that moment I knew I knew that I'm here because of someone here. Someone here saved me that day. Thank you very much. I love you all. By the way, the guys that are already."

TJ's SAVE Armor - Hardwire .68 ballistics and Hardwire 007-015-6110 ICW plate stopped the .45ACP round. 







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