Hardwire's Core Values

Hardwire's Core Values

Hardwire's mission: to improve the survivability of humans.

Four Core Values help us execute this mission day in and day out.

Integrity - Hardwire Core Value


In accordance with the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, INTEGRITY is fully defined as:

1: firm adherence to a code of especially moral or artistic values : INCORRUPTIBILITY
2: an unimpaired condition : SOUNDNESS
3: the quality or state of being complete or undivided : COMPLETENESS

Hardwire's mission: to increase the survivability of humans; integrity is in everything we do.

From the structural integrity of our products, to our commitment of honoring our word, ethics, quality and ensuring our product OVER performs in testing... integrity is a value that runs deep in Hardwire's veins. 

Hardwire's hard body armor and tactical shields hold their integrity twice as long as the rest, touting a 10 year limited warranty. If our armor gets shot in the line of duty, we replace it. 


Consumer Product Warranty (Bag Inserts, Clipboards, & ERS)

Hard Body Armor Warranty

Tactical Shield Warranty

Team- Hardwire Core Value


Hardwire is comprised of a diverse team across our 3 campuses. Our products are all made in the USA, compliant with fair labor laws. We value equality among workers and offer profit sharing as one of our many employee benefits. Our team is our soul as well as our community. 

Hardwire is run by engineers. The majority of our leadership, including the CEO hold engineering degrees and extensive experience in the field.

Are you interested in joining the Hardwire Team?

Learn about our benefits & current career openings HERE!

Bold Innovation- Hardwire Core Value


Through trial, error, and more trial, Hardwire has been able to develop the lightest, thinnest armor known to man. Our team challenges the impossible on the daily, creating many opportunities to grow and expand our potential. 

Find innovation exciting?

Learn more about Hardwire's Production & Engineering process! Hardwire also has a Newsroom, where our latest innovations get posted fresh off the wire!


Hardwire's customer base ranges from the U.S. Military, to Law Enforcement, to families, offices, & schools. During the Covid-19 pandemic, Hardwire donated more than 3 million Hardwire-manufactured face shields to schools, hospitals, LEOs and communities in need, in addition to our usual business of saving lives with armor. When our country faces adversity, we show up to help. Increasing the survivability of humans is something we take very seriously and we utilize our resources to protect others in need.

Protecting Americans is our mission as much as protecting America.

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