Ready for Travel: Summer Essentials

Ready for Travel: Summer Essentials

Summer!!! School is out, vacation is on. You found the destination, and now it’s time to pack….There’s so much fuss around what to pack... and where... while playing suitcase Tetris: Does the item HAVE to go in my checked luggage? Will I lose this item if I try to take it on the plane? Is it light enough to carry throughout the airport in my carry-on? Yeah, we’ve all been there, and we’ve all heard the famous words “Safe Travels”! In today’s climate, telling a loved one to “Travel Safe” has taken on a whole new meaning. At Hardwire LLC, we truly want you to get from point A to B with confidence and security. 

The real question is, how can we travel safely?
What preparations can be taken?

Safety comes in many forms. Hardwire LLC offers portable body armor that can be inserted into most bags that protect from handguns & shotguns with our Level 3A insert. For added rifle protection, we off Level 3 inserts too.

Hardwire Forest Line Level 3A Hard bulletproof bag insert stops 44Mag bullets


As for the fuss on whether you can board a plane with a bulletproof insert….We’ve done the research for you! According to the TSA’s website, body armor is allowed both in carry-on and checked baggage. Our bag inserts are the perfect size to slip right into a backpack, briefcase, or carry-on to give that added layer of military-trusted protectionAs for the weight, our Level 3A Hard Inserts are equivalent to that of an iPad. No worries, the world’s lightest armor won’t weigh you down! If you are on a boat, don't fret, our armor is buoyant too. The next time Grandma says, “Travel safe, dearie!!”... You can respond with confidence that, indeed, you will.


Hardwire LLC Level 3 and Level 3A Hard armor bag inserts bulletproof dyneema


Our colorful bag inserts are NIJ certified to protect. 

DIVE DEEP! Gain a deeper understanding of our product's capabilities.
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Hardwire LLC's Bag Inserts Level 3 stops handguns, shotguns, and rifles. Level 3A stops handguns and shotguns.