How to Make a Bulletproof Backpack


How can you make a bulletproof backpack?

It just takes 2 EASY steps to bulletproof your commute:
  1. Get a Hardwire® Backpack Insert (On sale 8/8-9/4/21)
  2. Put it in your bag

DONE... That's it.

It's as elementary as taking our colorful hard bag inserts and popping it into their school bag. Or, if your kid is a book worm had has minimal space in their bag, our soft bag inserts are very thin, pliable, and barely noticed. 

Since Columbine, 256,000 students have experienced gun violence. 

{Explore The Washington Post's database of school shootings, b

Proactive protection for yourself and your children is uncomplicated. Talking with your kids about why this measure is taking place can be just as easy. Let them know the world is filled with great people. Their schools and buses are chock full of people wanting to see them succeed and thrive. The good guys far out numbered the bad, but we add this layer of safety just in case. Just like when we buckle them in, we are not expecting a car accident, but we add the protection to avoid risk. 

Simple & Easy Hardwire Protection Anywhere

Level 3A protects against gunfire from shotguns and handguns including 44mags. Level 3 protects against shotguns, handguns, and assault rifles. Typically, mass shootings in schools or otherwise are typically done with handguns. Level 3A is ample protection for these types of shootings. However, some prefer to have the extra peace of mind with the rifle protection, though more uncommon. Level 3 does protect against typical rifle fire, however it does not protect against armor piercing rounds like the M855 Green Tip ammunition. Hardwire does make a 3+ hard plate that protects against M855, but that is not available as a backpack insert currently.

 Hardwire HAS YOUR BACK 2 School Sale

With gun violence at a record high, students and education professionals need options to help them survive beyond the active shooter drills.  Hardwire HAS YOUR BACK to School Sale to make sure your kids, teachers, administrators, resource officers - all school staff, has the best protection available. Hardwire bag inserts are the size of a law enforcement officer's bulletproof vest insert and made of the same bulletproof material as our vehicle armor.

We’ve got your BACK to (and from) school. Each week from August 8th to September 4th, we will have a 2021 back to school sale with our bulletproof school gear. 

  • Aug 8-14 - Soft Backpack Inserts as low as $74 
  • Aug 15-21 - Clipboards as low as $79
  • Aug 22-28 - Custom Emergency Response Shields $799
  • Aug 29-Sep 4 - Hard Backpack Inserts as low as $99

For Coupon Codes, see our Back To School Safe Sale Details!