2023 Hardwire SAVES with Safariland

2023 Hardwire SAVES with Safariland


Hardwire has two more SAVES to share! In partnership with Safariland, Hardwire is honored to share that Officer Michael Laverghetta and Sergeant Erik Bullock were saved in the line of duty by their Hardwire body armor. Below is a the account shared by Safariland, as well as the links to the SAVES Club profiles!


"On April 30, 2023, a component of the Philadelphia Police Department’s SWAT team was dealing with an armed, barricaded suspect. As negotiations broke down, Officer Michael Laverghetta was charged with breaching the door so the contact team could confront the armed suspect and end the standoff. As Officer Laverghetta breached the door, the suspect opened fire with a 12ga shotgun from a position of cover. Officer Laverghetta’s bicep protector was hit, and teammates pulled him to a position of safety. Additional officers moved in, and Sgt. Erik Bullock led a contact team and was clearing a bedroom. The suspect again opened fire and Sgt. Bullock was hit in the bicep protector and cummerbund. He was able to return fire, and the suspect was taken into custody. Both officers’ Safariland Hardwire .68 armor stopped the 12ga shots, and neither had penetrating wounds."



SAVE NO. 2,170 



SAVE NO. 2,171