Detroit School Shooting: Solutions to Stop Bullets

Detroit School Shooting: Solutions to Stop Bullets

Oxford High School Shooting

School Shooting Solutions

Parents and students reacting as they get off buses from Oxford shooting

photo credit: Eric Seals/Detroit Free Press


The last day of November is typically ripe with anticipation for the Christmas festivities to come, especially in schools. Students have had a taste of a break with Thanksgiving, and the expectation of holiday concerts, gift giving, and more vacation time brings smiles to all. Sadly, for the Oxford High School and the country, the last day of November was not about excitement, but instead sorrow, due to a school shooting. Four children, passed away after a shooter opened fire with a semi-automatic handgun. Education Week reports that there have been 20 school shootings since the beginning of August. This being the deadliest school shooting for the 21-22 school year. 

Combat School Shooting

Hardwire's school solutions can stop the bullets produced by handguns and shotguns. Our products utilize the same technology used to create armor for SOCOM, U.S. Marines, & U.S. Army. Our bag inserts can make any backpack bulletproof. Our emergency response shields can hang in any hallway, room, or large meeting space to be readily available to anyone. Hardwire clipboards are an in-hand protection that any student, teacher, coach, or staff member can carry all day. Our technology is NIJ compliant. The kind of weapon used in this tragedy could have been combatted with Hardwire's civilian protection options.

photo credit: Aiden Page

Students and staff need the ability to shield themselves from gunfire. The chair barricade made by Aiden Page's class could slow down an active shooter, but a bullet can still come through. Choose the proven solution to stop bullets from causing harm.

Candlelight vigil for the Detroit Suburb School Shooting

photo credit: Nick Hagen for the New York Times

Bulletproof Backpacks

Bulletproof any bag with a Hardwire bag insert:

  • Bookbags for students
  • Laptop bags & purses for adults
  • Level 3A is less than a pound
  • Level 3 & 3A available
  • Security for you and your loved ones, knowing they are protected

Emergency Response Shields

  • Hang in any space
  • Level 3A weighs 6.1 lbs
  • Level 3 & 3A available
  • Customizable
  • Use in Run, Hide, Fight
  • Security for you and your loved ones, knowing they are protected


  • In-hand protection
  • Functional and protective throughout the day & night
  • Level 3A is less than a pound
  • Security for you and your loved ones, knowing they are protected

Hardwire can be a part of any landscape and could easily help to protect children seeking refuge and school staff shielding students from gunfire. Hardwire advises on strategy for placement for optimal protection, especially in large capacity venues, like auditoriums and stadiums. Our tools are for bookbags, briefcases, and classrooms. Due to the discreet nature and ability to customize, Hardwire can be kept in plain sight without saturating the viewer with its presence. The best place for Hardwire is with a “line of sight” principle – from any hallway, in any gathering area (gym, cafeteria, media center, etc.), or at the doorway of any room, you should be able to see and grab a shield, insert, or clipboard. A good rule of thumb is a shield for every fire extinguisher, an insert for every backpack and a clipboard for every staff member. They are life-saving tools in the event of a lethal force and give a sense of security knowing a resource is nearby.



Photo credit of main image: Aiden Page