Military Vehicle Solutions

Innovating the way we protect our troops.

Since 2004, we’ve helped create lightweight, cost-effective armor solutions for the U.S. military. In the process, we’ve also developed the state-of-the-art facilities and equipment needed to mass produce these solutions, which have been proven in the world’s harshest environments, from marine to desert to mountainous terrain.

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We design, develop, and produce armor kits for any military application, including but not limited to:

  • Light ground vehicles
  • MRAPs
  • Heavy transport trucks
  • Tactical wheeled vehicles
  • Tracked vehicles
  • Specialty platforms for unique missions
  • Gun shields
  • Gunner protection kits
  • Ground vehicles, boats, aircraft
  • Surveillance towers
  • Guard booths

Solutions range from integrated lightweight composite solutions to hybrid composite/metallic solutions to add-on armor kits to formed high hard steel parts.  We use any combination of materials that meets the requirements and stops the threats. Hardwire’s equipment has been designed with redundancy in mind, allowing for on-time delivery for even the worst crises.


We custom design and produce B-Kit armor solutions in high volume for a variety of platforms.  Ranging from tempered aluminum to composite materials, our team can design a kit to stop the required threat at the needed weight and cost.  Our capabilities range from design to testing to full-scale production.


Hardwire currently supplies EFP armor kits for the MaxxPro, MaxxPro DASH, M-ATV MRAP, JLTV, and other platforms as needed.  Threat defeat is accomplished through a variety of material defeat mechanisms that result in a lightweight add-on armor kit.  From 2008-2010, we produced over 5,000 EFP kits with more than 350,000 individual parts. 100% of the kits were delivered on time and zero parts were rejected.


Hardwire offers a proprietary and unique aluminum tempering process to custom-tailor aluminum ballistic and blast performance to performance requirements.  These aluminum materials are perfect for B-Kit and Gunner Protection Kit applications.


Some vehicle applications require or prefer spall liners for overmatch threats.  Hardwire produces spall liners in large scale for any platform, ranging from aramid to polyethylene material solutions.  Spall liners are pressed and/or formed to final part configuration and cut to size.


Many vehicle applications utilize high hard steel but face the challenges of welding, seam vulnerabilities, and cracking.  Hardwire’s unique processes for forming high hard steel parts eliminate those issues by delivering net shape parts. This reduces the need for welded assemblies, reduces part count, and eliminates seams or the need for ballistic doublers… all while still delivering the ballistic performance of high hard steel.


Delamination of transparent armor is a well-known problem.  Hardwire’s relamination capability restores and lengthens the life of existing windows, providing significant cost savings for the user.  Contact us for new or repaired transparent armor.


Hardwire has extensive experience in providing blast protection.  Vehicle underbody hull shaping, material topology, energy-absorbing floors and seats, and other blast mitigation techniques improve the survivability of the vehicle occupant.  Hardwire helps to customize, design, model, and test blast protection technologies for both large and small vehicle applications.