Spinal Fusion: Scott's Story From Johns Hopkins Patient Stories

From John Hopkins Orthopaedic Surgery Patient Stories

On a gorgeous summer day, Scott Kendall went out surfing—just as he’d always done when the opportunity presented itself. While catching a wave, Scott was knocked down and immediately felt tremendous pain. He knew he needed to get to a hospital. On arrival, Scott was told he had broken his neck, and, while lying in wait for the doctor, he realized that he’d lost almost complete use of his right arm. The doctor told him that his injury was serious. Scott immediately feared that he’d never be able to surf again.
But Scott regained hope after being referred to Johns Hopkins orthopaedic spine surgeon Lee Riley. Scott’s friend and boss George Tunis had himself undergone spinal surgery at Johns Hopkins with Dr. Riley in 2001, following a similar injury, with a good outcome.
Scott shares his story about what it was like undergoing spinal fusion surgery with the Orthopaedic Spine Surgery team at Johns Hopkins Hospital and how he is now back enjoying his active lifestyle in Ocean City, Maryland—with the full use of his right arm and successful recovery.