Hardwire proudly announces its sponsorship of the VTV Family Outreach Foundation and 32NCSI in helping to promote campus safety

Hardwire is excited to sponsor the VTV Family Outreach Foundation and 32 National Campus Safety Initiative™ in supporting efforts to educate, prevent, and assist victims of campus crime. School safety represents one of our nation’s most important challenges, and Hardwire is proud to strengthen and contribute to VTV and 32NCSI in their mission to eliminate campus violence.


About VTV Family Outreach Foundation

The VTV Family Outreach Foundation is a national non-profit organization formed by the families of the victims and survivors of the April 16, 2007 mass shooting tragedy at Virginia Tech. The focus of VTV is to promote and advocate for the safety and security of the nation’s colleges and universities, and to provide assistance and services to victims of school and college crime and their families.


32 National Campus Safety Initiative or 32 NCSI is a landmark program from VTV that will forever change campus safety by accurately and fairly setting the safety and security standards of every college, university, and higher education institution in the United States. Visit www.vtvfamilyfoundation.org and www.32ncsi.org for more information.