Father's Day SALE 30% Off Ballistic Bag Inserts and Bulletproof Clipboards

Father's Day SALE 30% Off Ballistic Bag Inserts and Bulletproof Clipboards
Sale Dates: June 3-11, 2024
Use Checkout Code DAD30 to receive 30%off of Level 3A Ballistic Bag Inserts and clipboards.

*Tactical Clipboard models are not included in the sale. 


Hardwire LLC is proud to announce a special Father's Day sale highlighting 30% off Level IIIA ballistic bag inserts and bulletproof clipboards. These products are designed for dads who appreciate the perfect blend of safety and mobility. Why settle for the ordinary when you can upgrade to superior ballistic protection? Our top-quality bulletproof backpack inserts and bulletproof clipboards are a part of this exclusive deal. Discover why Hardwire LLC is the go-to choice for first-rate ballistic products and take advantage of our Father's Day sale to enhance dad's gear.


Why Hardwire LLC Stands Out for Ballistic Gear

At Hardwire LLC, we are committed to providing top-tier ballistic gear that guarantees the utmost protection. Our ballistic bag inserts and bulletproof clipboards, excel in craftsmanship and performance, setting us apart from our competitors.

Our ballistic gear is crafted from premium level 3a armor, ensuring exceptional strength and durability. This not only allows our products to withstand demanding situations but also provides reliable protection when it's most needed.

Learn more about protection levels here!

We adhere to strict bulletproof rating standards, ensuring our bag inserts and bulletproof clipboards offer dependable protection against various threats. Whether you're in law enforcement, the military, or a civilian seeking additional security, our ballistic gear delivers the highest level of protection.

Our products are not just protective but also reliable and durable. Rigorously tested under extreme conditions, our ballistic bag inserts and field clipboards are designed to perform flawlessly when it matters the most. Need proof? See the video below, testing an over 5 year old used soft armor bag insert!

Choose Hardwire LLC for your ballistic gear needs and experience the difference in quality, protection, and reliability that sets us apart from the rest.

Discover the Benefits of Ballistic Bag Inserts

Enhance your safety with Hardwire LLC's ballistic bag inserts. These versatile and compatible inserts can be easily used with any backpack, messenger bag, or briefcase, providing an extra layer of protection without sacrificing style or functionality. They are perfect to be used to create bulletproof backpacks.

Easy to install and remove, our ballistic bag inserts are user-friendly and can be switched between bags or removed for cleaning effortlessly. Both sides are strike-faces so, you don't have to worry about which way the insert is put in the bag. With our Father's Day sale article highlighting the 30% off sale of ballistic bag inserts, now is the perfect time to prioritize safety with the unrivaled benefits of our bulletproof backpack vest.

Here are the bag inserts that are currently on sale:

IIIA Soft Armor Bag Insert (Square 10"x13")

IIIA Soft Armor Bag Insert (Rounded 11"x17")

IIIA Hard Armor Bag Insert (Square 10"x13")


Experience the Advantages of Bulletproof Clipboards

Our bulletproof clipboards, are designed with functionality and protection in mind. Lightweight and portable, they are ideal for security personnel who need to carry essential documents without being weighed down by heavy equipment.

Unassuming yet protective, our bulletproof clipboards offer an extra layer of protection while blending seamlessly into any professional setting. Experience the unique advantages of our bulletproof clipboards and enjoy peace of mind knowing you are prepared for any situation. Don't miss out on our Father's Day sale highlighting the 30% off on bulletproof clipboards. 

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