Celebrating the Right to Bear Armor

Celebrating the Right to Bear Armor

Preparing for Fourth of July Celebrations 


Independence Day gives license to:

  • Grilling… Well, anything. (It’s your grill, right? Throw a burger, a dog, or hell, a watermelon on there. You saw them do it on Food Network. Might as well try it!)
  • Lighting every sparkler until your kid has correctly spelled their full first, middle, & last name, in the air, at least a 100 times.
  • Dunking your hand so deep and for so long into the bottom of the cooler that feeling doesn’t come back to your hand until the next time you plunge down for a drink. 
  • Breaking out the ruler and best on hand cardboard to design a bracket board to pit all your friends against one another in horseshoes
  • Waterballoon fights so epic, tales of the mighty winner still hang in the air from the previous year.
  • Wearing the newest rendition of the star spangled banner on your body so everyone can awe at your level of patriotism.


July 4th picnic fun Hardwire LLC

Best 4th of July Shirts

Finding the best 4th of July/USA shirt to show up in at the picnic is almost a competition and something our forefathers probably didn’t imagine. They had, however, a lot of wisdom and presence of mind to create a Declaration of Independence, & The Constitution of the United States. Knowing they still needed to elaborate further after the Continental Congress met and The Great Compromise was achieved. The Bill of Rights enumerated further the liberties that Americans hold dear and argue with vigor. 

The Right to Bear Armor

At Hardwire®LLC, we hold dear the Right to Bear Armor and it should resound as fully as any other entitlement we continue to uphold. If you believe the first 10 Amendments to the Constitution were written to protect civil rights and liberties then, then the right to protect yourself goes hand in hand. Some may argue how to interpret the Bill of Rights, but they are a list of protections. To bear armor is to protect yourself, the framers were looking out for us, and we should continue in their footsteps and remember they did not know how society would progress, but they knew enough to say we all deserve protection.

Celebrate with Savings and Tout Your Right to Bear Armor

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When you spark up the grill, throw the first horseshoe, or dawn the shirt Betsy Ross never imagined she would be inspiring, don’t forget that your right to protect yourself comes in many forms. Try an alternative form of protection from gun violence. You don’t need a permit to carry. There is no waiting period. You and your loved ones can be protected as soon as it comes to your doorstep. 

Remember that our forefathers were preppers. They foresaw what they could and left room for what they could not. Choose preparation. Choose foresight. Choose Hardwire and be ready for the unexpected. 

Even during a joyous time like 4th of July it is necessary to talk about shielding yourself from violence. You have every right to safeguard your family. Gun violence at parties is happening around the country. Recent happenings this year:

Mass Shootings at Parties 2021 

May 11, 2021 Colorado Springs, CO 7 fatally shot

May 24, 2021 Bridgeton, NJ  2 fatally shot, 12 injured

May 30, 2021 Miami-Dade County,FL 3 fatally shot, 20 injured  

June 6, 2021 Miami-Dade County,FL 3 fatally shot, multiple others injured

How to Prepare for Gun Violence

Gun violence in these parties scenarios and in most cases is unexpected, but just because you don’t know when your power will go out doesn’t mean you shouldn’t keep a flashlight and batteries handy. Owning armor in case an active shooter scenario is another assembly of tools for “what if.”

In 2019, Time Magazine published an article about the likelihood of being shot in America. The trend has changed as we progress through 2021. Read the article in The Washington Post published May 9, 2021. The visuals in this article give a gravity to this critical time that media releases covering the latest shooting cannot.