2024 Mother's Day SALE

2024 Mother's Day SALE

Happy Mother's Day!


This Mother's Day, show Mom how much you care with the gift of safety and style! At Hardwire, we're excited to announce our exclusive Mother's Day Sale, offering an incredible 30% off on our top-selling Level 3A Hardwire Ballistic Bag Inserts and Bulletproof Clipboards! 


Whether she's a busy professional, a frequent traveler, or simply someone who values peace of mind, our ballistic bag inserts and bulletproof clipboards are the perfect blend of function and style. Crafted with precision and tested for superior protection, these items are designed to keep your loved ones safe in any situation. 


Understanding NIJ Level 3A Protection:
NIJ Level 3A armor offers personal protection against handgun and shotgun threats. It's designed to stop bullets from common handguns, including 9mm, .40 caliber, .357 SIG, and even the powerful .44 Magnum. When you choose Hardwire's NIJ Level 3A Bulletproof Backpack Inserts and Clipboards, you're equipping Mom with a portable ballistic shield available for everyday use.

What NIJ Level 3A Protects Against:

9mm: A prevalent choice for handguns, the 9mm round is effectively stopped by NIJ Level 3A armor, ensuring comprehensive protection for Mom during her daily routines.

.40 Caliber: Hardwire's NIJ Level 3A protection offers reliable defense against this formidable caliber.

.357 SIG: Known for its high velocity and energy, the .357 SIG cartridge demands robust protection. Hardwire's NIJ Level 3A armor ensures Mom is shielded against this potent round.

.44 Magnum: Renowned for its stopping power, the .44 Magnum presents a formidable challenge. Rest assured, Hardwire's NIJ Level 3A Bulletproof Backpack Inserts and Clipboards provide Mom with unmatched defense.


Why Choose Our Products? 

Unmatched Protection: Our ballistic bag inserts and bulletproof clipboards are made with the highest quality materials, offering reliable protection against unexpected threats. 

Versatile Design: Sleek and discreet, our products seamlessly integrate into everyday life. From diaper bags to backpacks to mom's purse, they provide security without sacrificing style. 

Peace of Mind: With our products by her side, Mom can navigate the world with confidence, knowing she's equipped with the best in personal protection. 


Don't miss out on this limited-time offer to give Mom the gift of safety and security this Mother's Day. Simply use code MOM30 from 5/1/24-5/8/24 at checkout to enjoy 30% off your purchase!


Coupon valid on the following items from 5/1/24 thru 5/8/24:

3A Hard Ballistic Bag Insert

3A Soft Rounded Bulletproof  Backpack Insert 11"x17"

3A Soft Square Bulletproof  Backpack Insert 10"x13"

3A Bulletproof Clipboard